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Vision : To Give The Ultimate Contractor Experience 

Mission : To bring the world clarity & peace of mind by products, services & customer service which are innovative, practical & affordable.  

Our Values :

1. Discipline - What we do we do well

2. Entrepreneurial Spirit : Goals are life

3. Give Give Give

4. Safety & Reliability : Getting hurt sucks 

5. Accountability : If it is to be, it’s up to me

6. Have FUN

7. Display Urgency : Git’r done 

8. Selflessness - Do the right thing

9. Innovate & be creative 

10. Success is my duty 

Want to join our team? Send us a 1-2 minute selfie video to service@worriedbird.com about why we should hire you and why you're a good fit.

Love helping people? Our company is entirely focused around providing a service unlike ANY other service provider in existence. We utilize technology to the convenience of the customer. You must be able and willing to use technology to communicate, service the client, follow up, sell yourself and our company.

We offer lucrative commission opportunities all throughout our entire company for every level of each team member.  hourly+commission, hourly only and commission only.

Positions Currently Available Include:

  • ✅ Technicians 
  • ✅ Specialists 
  • ✅ Sales and Support Agent 
  • ✅ Service Manager 


Marketing & Branding Manager - Job Description: - $14/hr

  • Build a recognizable and palpable culture
  • Deliver our vision
  • Inspire team members
  • Increase awareness 
  • Work with Marketing agency to determine best strategies 

Commercial Sales Rep - Job Description -

  • Build relationships with clients nationwide
  • Contract with large and medium sized businesses nationwide
  • Regular training with Cardone U Sale Training
  • Deliver our vision in every respect
  • Pay = Base + Commission

Logistics Manager - Job Description - $13/hr + Commission

  • Schedule appointments
  • meet client needs
  • sell contracts
  • Manage A/P & A/R
  • Dispatch crews
  • Handle crew schedules
  • Mediate between company & client needs

Service Manager

  • Answer all inbound calls
  • Make outbound calls
  • Develop relationships with partners & clients alike nationwide
  • Estimate clients nationwide and write up contracts 
  • Ensure safety & efficiency of technicians and specialists 
  • Enforce company policy and mediate on behalf of company & client 
  • Deliver company vision and ensure systems are enacted and efficient
  • Improve & invest in yourself to succeed

Window Cleaning Specialist - $18/hr

  • Execute company services by traveling with a company vehicle and performing the work order
  • Help the customer feel like family
  • Communicate effectively and efficiently with the client
  • Deliver our company vision
  • Improve & invest in yourself to succeed

Window Cleaning Technician - $12/hr

  • Execute company services
  • Deliver company vision
  • Work under direction of Specialist 
  • Learn to become a specialist 
  • Communicate effectively with client 
  • Be a solid team member

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