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Make Your Home Look Ten Years Newer

Want to know a secret to make your home look ten years newer?  It’s screen repair. Yes, that’s right, screen repair. You know that screen door that has been ripped from your kids or dogs for a while now or the windows screens that are old and torn — those are the screens I am talking about.  You notice them and so does everybody else.

You will need to replace your window screen if it has been damaged or if it is close to breaking. Inspect the screen carefully, because it might have small holes that you can only see up close.  If the screen color has faded from black to gray, it needs to be replaced. The mesh screen should also be tight and not loose. These are all signs that your screen mesh should be replaced.


We’ve asked dozens of clients how many years newer their homes looked after a screen repair was completed on 5 or more screens. 90% of those surveyed said 8-10 years newer!

This is a quick way to boost curb appeal & perceived equity in your home. If you have more than 3 screens on the front of your home a quick re-screening only costs about $25/screen and can be done in less than 30 mins.

Who knew for so little you could do so much??

Contact Worried Bird Window Washing for more information on screen repair!

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