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Reasons to Hire a Professional Window Cleaner

One of the first things people notice about your home are the windows, and if you have dirty windows, it is extremely obvious! Having a professional window cleaning service increases the appearance of your home, which can be crucial when you’re trying to increase your curb appeal to sell your home or simply to wow your guests.

Worried Bird Window Washing Offers Unparalleled Residential Window Cleaning Services

The Worried Bird team has worked hard over the years to establish a name associated with trust, customer satisfaction, and clean windows to brighten your day!

Residential Window Cleaning Extends the Life of Your Windows

Cleaning your windows helps them last longer. Removing everyday dirt and grime will increase the lifespan of your windows. Over time, hard water, dirt and grime buildup can turn your windows cloudy. Regular cleaning will keep your windows clean and will help keep the build up away. Do you already have a hard time removing water, dirt, and grime buildup from your windows? We have a solution for that! We offer window restorations to make your windows look like new and save you thousands of dollars versus replacing them. Old aluminum screens will also gradually deteriorate over time as well, so you’ll need us to help keep them in tip-top shape! We can rescreen your window or door screens on site while we are there to clean your windows for you.


Window Cleaning is Tough!

Most importantly, window cleaning is a tough chore! It is usually procrastinated as much as possible since nobody wants to spend a day lugging a ladder around the home with a squeegee and mop bucket in tow. Worst of all, at the end of your long and labor-intensive day, you might end up staring up at windows stripped with ugly streaks. Squeegeeing requires more skill than you might think, and learning a new skill isn’t easy when you are already tiring yourself out moving your ladder and supplies into position.

Save yourself the trouble and the safety hazard by calling Worried Bird Window Washing.

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