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Window and Glass Restoration


Mineral Stain Removal

Not all glass windows can be restored when mineral staining and corrosion occurs, but Worried Bird Window Washing has products available that will almost certainly remove the entire window mineral staining problem.  However, if the glass is in Stage II corrosion, some of the panes may have to be replaced, but generally, our professional team of experts can save glass and restore windows.

Three window restoration choices:

  1. Do nothing, replace the glass later.
  2. “Clear” and “restore” all of the glass.
  3. “Clear” and possibly have to replace a few panes later, especially the ones that have progressed onto Stage II corrosion.

The 1st option is definitely going to be the most costly option out of the three, but Worried Bird wants to give the decision to the owners and property managers. Remember that the glass is already beyond normal cleaning methods and that window restoration and window clearing is the solution.   To prevent glass corrosion and mineral staining in the future, it is recommended to have proper window washing services be performed regularly. At Worried Bird, we are happy to set all of our customers up on a service plan. Not only will your windows last longer and look nicer the more often they are serviced, but you’ll save money from choosing one of our packages.

Q: How does corrosion occur?

A: Corrosion occurs when the pH (degree of alkalinity with seven as neutral) becomes too high (above nine). Hydrogen from water will mix with the sodium of soda lime glass to form sodium hydroxide, a strong alkali. Mineral deposits (lime, calcium, lead and salts), even detergent not thoroughly rinsed, will react with the chemical makeup of the glass causing corrosion. Acids are used to return the pH to neutral. There are two types of corrosion Stage I (light corrosion, little or no damage to glass) and Stage II (severe corrosion, damaged glass, etched glass).

Q: What is Stage II corrosion?

A: When the mineral deposits are no longer on the surface of the glass. The deposit has started to break down the molecular structure of the glass. This is evident when you remove the surface stain and etching or white hazing appears. This stage of window corrosion is also called glass “falling apart”.

Window Restoration – Professional Solutions:

Q: What type of products do you use to remove corrosion from glass?

A: We use a blend of acids and other specific proprietary ingredients that safely and effectively remove corrosion from glass.

Q: What is the product used for?

A: The product will remove hard water marks, exhaust from car and aircraft, run-off from unsealed masonry, acid rain, airborne pollution, and just about anything that has caused corrosion of the glass. The product is specifically used as a glass clearing agent and is not to be used as a window cleaner. The service performed is a window restoration service and should be treated as such.

Q: When does a window need to be replaced or window restoration ineffective?

A: If the damage to the glass is severe or if the corrosion has reached Stage II, there may be little any product can do to restore clarity to the glass. Most glass manufacturers recommend replacement when Stage II is reached.

Q: What can be done about Stage II corrosion?

A: Options are limited, remember, the damage is already done. The owner can replace the glass or you can use a rubbing compound that is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Both are expensive options.


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