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Get Ready for Winter

Get Ready For Winter 

Tip # 1 Mind Your Gutters

Cleaning your gutters is a small task that can prevent big problems later on.

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Did you know??

Clogged rain gutters can cause water damage to not only your roof, but your fascia (the board behind the gutter) and flood your basement as well. It will also prevent proper drainage so icy conditions are likely to occur on walk ways during the wintertime.
Clean them out now before undrained water freezes. This makes it almost impossible to scoop out after freezing temps occur regularly.

This dirty job can be hired out for only $1.5/ft to save you time and energy and putting your safety at risk. Only pay for the areas cleaned.



Tip # 2 – Latch all Windows & Open Draperies

This simple tip can save you $$$

By simply tightly latching the windows and opening your drapers at the correct time of day you can save as much as 25% of your heating costs. (Energy.Gov)

Just let the light in when the sun will shine directly inside and the close the drapers when they is NOT direct sunlight.



Tip # 3 – Turn Off Your Sprinklers

Now is the time to make adjustments

Spring will be a breeze if your sprinklers are working well. So take the time to winterize & drain the lines. While you’re at it, mark the heads along your driveway so the snowblower doesn’t take those babies out.

Adjust any that are spraying your windows too!
Hard water is ruining them right now if the overspray continues.


Tip # 4 – Pull in All your Screens

Make your home look 10 years newer

Increase their life span by keeping them out of the sun & extreme temperatures

Ice accelerates the deterioration of the protective coating around each fiberglass strand (Are yours going gray? Then pull them inside)

Get increased solar heat gain (more sunlight coming inside)

Solar heat gain helps reduce the workload of your heating system and can help save money on the seasonal heating costs.



Tip # 5 – Disconnect Your Hose

Don’t get caught leaving your hose connected







Protect, with a hose bib cover. These can be found at the local hardware store for a few dollars and will help insulate the faucet from the extreme cold.




Wishing You The Best This Holiday Season

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