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Worried Bird
Bring happiness to your environment while enjoying a perfect & fabulous view.
Maintain your property's value & curb appeal by preventing deterioration of glass surfaces.
Increase your team's productivity & comfort, & your customer's satisfaction.

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Window Cleaning

Commercial window cleaning

Invest in your property and create a happy environment.

Beautiful commercial front with mountain view.

Make your employees and customers happier by cleaning and regularly maintaining your glass. We offer exterior and interior cleaning solutions as well as industrial-grade glass coatings to protect and preserve your building's curb appeal, and the quality and beauty of glass.

We have expert window cleaning solutions for nearly any project, up to four floors. Almost all cleaning work is accessed from the ground using high-performance de-ionization and water purification systems, pumps and poles that leave no trace except a perfect view.

Faster, safer & clearer results

Highly trained, safe & service-minded staff

Flexible payment terms

Proactive communication through the whole process

Get your unique, tailored service plans to meet your needs.


Scratch free glass cleaning

Spot free rinse

Pane inspection

48hr guarantee

Screens removed by us

Minor debris scraped

Hard water treatment

Exterior tracks wash

Rain guard

Screens cleaning

Interior white glove treatment


Scratch free glass cleaning

Spot free rinse

Pane inspection

48hr guarantee

Screens removed by us

Minor debris scraped

Hard water treatment - 6 panes

Exterior tracks wash

Rain guard

Screens cleaning

Interior white glove treatment


Scratch free glass cleaning

Spot free rinse

Pane inspection

48hr guarantee

Screens removed by us

Minor debris scraped

Hard water treatment

Exterior tracks wash

Rain guard

Screens cleaning

Interior white glove treatment

Residential window cleaning

Get a spectacularly fabulous view.

Expect only greatness from our courteous and polite specialists that make no mess and leave no trace. In your home interior, we always wear shoe covers to protect your floors. We are quiet, efficient, and will be in and out in no time.

Window cleaning done on a residential home.

Our unique 9 step process


 Conditions assessment


Application of light eco-friendly solvent & surfactant


Spot free washing of glass panes & surrounding frame


Rinsing out of lower exterior sill, apron, side jam, sash bars


Minor razoring of debris


Minor hard water treatment *


Brushing away spider webs & debris around the area


Final home maintenance review


Walkthrough or video walkthrough if you're not available

* Excess treatment is an extra fee & is subject to our discretion.
** Screen cleaning is an additional fee.
Medium grade hard water treatment limited to 6 panes.
Restorations starting at $10 / pane.

Get the most out of your window cleaning experience.

Streak-Free Guarantee

We promise your windows will be without streaks once we finish cleaning them! If you're unsatisfied with our work, we'll come back within 48 hours to fix the problem.

Screen Repair

Windows & Doors Screen Repair

Make your windows look 10 years newer by repairing your screens.

We build new screens and repair old ones for any projects, either large projects or small ones. We do them all. Hotels, apartments, retirement homes, buildings or residential homes can benefit from having a screen repair or new ones installed. Give your property that refreshed look at an affordable cost.

We do the window screen repair on-site or off-site, depending on what is more convenient for you. For a job with more than 20 screens, we complete the work off-site.

Window screens

Screen doors

Patio screening

Bug screening

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Only $35 / re-screen
with no minimum during a cleaning visit
(3 screen minimum for a special visit)

Only $55 / door
(up to $75 / door for specialty doors)

I love Worried Bird! (...) Fantastic customer service as well. Sent me a text the morning of 30 min before arriving so I could plan my day. I'm so happy with my clean windows!! Great rates too.

Angela Shaeffer
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Power Washing

Power washing & House Washing

Bring any surfaces of your property back to life.

A cement walkway clean and looking like new.

Using the latest power washing technology, our technicians will provide you with the most outstanding results. The maintenance of all surfaces will not only keep your property looking great, but it helps to prevent the deterioration of those areas and remove the grime and debris, bringing those surfaces back to life and increasing your property's curb appeal. We also work without the use of any harsh chemicals.

To minimize hassle and maximize convenience, you don't even need to be present for us to complete the service. Patio furniture or other exterior belongings will be carefully moved and replaced just as found.







Rain Gutter Cleaning

Minimize the risk of water damage & flooding to your property.

Have the most effective rain gutter system by getting our crew to remove debris carefully without putting your safety at risk. The peak times to wash your rain gutters are in the spring before the heavy rain and in the fall after the leaves come down. Depending on your climate and the surrounding trees' density, your gutters could need a clean more than once a year.

Sign up for our annual maintenance program to ensure that your gutter system is optimized all year long. As a member, you will also get priority on our schedule for the busy rain gutter cleaning season. You will be able to easily bundle your gutter cleaning service with our other house detailing services.

We've made it easy for you! We'll take care of everything, so you don't have to. You won't even have to be home while we work!

Holiday Lighting

Enjoy illumination & good times without the hassle.

You have the choice between LED or incandescent light, depending on what is most convenient for you. Takedown is included, and we store your lights for your convenience!

Winter Wonderland

White-only lights

A house illuminated by white lighting.
Candy Cane

Red & white pattern

A house with candy pattern lighting.

Any pattern imaginable

A multi-colored lighting on a house.

Need pricing immediately?
Text us a photo of the area to be lighted.

Worried Bird has been doing my windows for several years. I am on their maintenance plan. They do a lovely job calling me to schedule when I forget, and they are always very professional and courteous.

Annette Ephroni
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Window Restoration

Avoid permanent damage to glass due to mineral build-up.

We have the expertise to restore your glass windows, basement windows, pool fences, or almost any glass application to its original clarity. A representative will walk with you virtually through the steps to accurately get you the pricing and information you need as fast as possible.


A stunning clean shower glass.

Remove all surface stains on your shower door, including lime, mineral build-up, soap scum and surface hazing. Our restoration service is an excellent way to protect your glass, enhance your shower experience and maintain your home's value.

It's a perfect moment to seal your glass, prevent new stains from forming and reduce regular cleaning time by as much as 90%.

Prices start at $200 / door or panel

Glass Coating

Get the best professional installer's choice of glass coatings in today's market. We use GlassParency which is chemically engineered to react to silica within the glass, creating a bond unmatched by the competition. It's product attributes go beyond just water repellency, making it ideal for any silica-based surface in any climate or environment. The most high-grade, durable glass coating is perfect for shower enclosures, pool areas, vehicle windshields or basement windows prone to hard water build-up.

Stain resistant

GlassParency seals the natural pores of glass, protecting it from damaging hard water stains.

dirt Repulsive

Grime, dirt & water spots will have a hard time sticking to the treated glass, making them wash away.


The glass will become optically more transparent, improving the overall aesthetics of your shower.

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