How To Properly Clean Window Tracks

By Worried Bird Window Washing | May 22, 2018

Cleaning Window Tracks The typical window track never gets cleaned and 99 percent of the time it has at least one dried dead fly or bug. Window tracks are rarely cleaned and often neglected because most people just don’t have the time to spend or don’t know an efficient way to make them look new […]

Window and Glass Restoration

By Worried Bird Window Washing | May 22, 2018

WINDOW RESTORATION: Mineral Stain Removal Not all glass windows can be restored when mineral staining and corrosion occurs, but Worried Bird Window Washing has products available that will almost certainly remove the entire window mineral staining problem.  However, if the glass is in Stage II corrosion, some of the panes may have to be replaced, […]

How To Tackle Hard Water Stains!

By Worried Bird Window Washing | May 9, 2018

SICK OF THOSE HARD WATER STAINS ON YOUR GLASS SHOWER DOORS? Stop staring at permanent mineral build-up that looks like irremovable scum and start staring through the glass as it was intended because glass maintenance works! Here’s your MOST AFFORDABLE solution! Worried Bird Window Washing glass restoration system will restore your badly damaged shower doors […]

Make Your Home Look Ten Years Newer

By Worried Bird Window Washing | April 26, 2018

Want to know a secret to make your home look ten years newer?  It’s screen repair. Yes, that’s right, screen repair. You know that screen door that has been ripped from your kids or dogs for a while now or the windows screens that are old and torn — those are the screens I am […]

5 Benefits of Commercial Window Cleaning

By Worried Bird Window Washing | April 16, 2018

The appearance of a storefront or facility is an important aspect of any business. And, commercial window cleaning services are a prime solution for enhancing the appeal of your company. By utilizing the right equipment and skills, professional cleaners can efficiently and effectively make your windows crisp, clear, and free of smears, but aesthetics aren’t […]

Reasons to Hire a Professional Window Cleaner

By Worried Bird Window Washing | April 4, 2018

One of the first things people notice about your home are the windows, and if you have dirty windows, it is extremely obvious! Having a professional window cleaning service increases the appearance of your home, which can be crucial when you’re trying to increase your curb appeal to sell your home or simply to wow […]

Get Ready for Winter

By Worried Bird Window Washing | December 6, 2017

Get Ready For Winter  Tip # 1 Mind Your Gutters Cleaning your gutters is a small task that can prevent big problems later on. Did you know?? Clogged rain gutters can cause water damage to not only your roof, but your fascia (the board behind the gutter) and flood your basement as well. It will also […]