Why Worried Bird Franchising

Why Worried Bird Franchising

If you’re not a business owner your whole life
can change from 2 words; “you’re canned”,
“you’re fired”, “we’re done” or any combination
of words. Whatever it may be, employment is
ALWAYS vulnerable.
Whether it’s a boss or Uncle Sam, there’s almost
always someone calling the shots except you.
This is where we have a problem.
You work so hard to be the best in your career,
earn promotions, raises, and get noticed. You
don't take time off and you made sacrifices and
then all of a sudden you’re laid off due to
whatever reason (out of your control) and left to
start over as a newbie at a new company.
As it turns out, the executives at your company
were lying to you. They said “everything is fine,
no lay offs here” and then.... BOOM. Sound
The malcontent, the frustration is demotivating &
depressing to say the least.

Our services are “essential” and needed. We’re part of a $10B annual industry
and building a company that gives YOU the control of your own future is what
we’re all about. The employment world is uncertain and vulnerable but as an
“essential” business owner in a Worried Bird franchise, the control is back in
your hands. Confidence about your future comes from taking action and we
have a plan.
Your earning potential is much greater as well as your freedom to do what you
want. Our system is made so simple so that you can either grow with multiple
crews or be a one man band. Grow it to sell or to eventually become an extra
income stream as you do something else. It’s entirely up to you.

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