why you should not wait to clean your windows

Window Cleaning FAQ

How often should you clean your windows?

Washing your windows will make them streak-free and inviting, but most importantly it will protect your glass from long-term damage. Window washing is a great chore for a beautiful home and knowing how often you should wash your windows at home is a must.  Consider a few factors about your home.

What's making them dirty?

Three major factors play a role in the decline of your clear glass, rainwater, overly dry conditions & sprinkler overspray. Firstly, rain carries dust and other debris that build up in the window frame of exterior windows. Similarly, dry environments and high winds carry dirt and dust. As these are more airborne, they end up leaving your windows desperately needing a deep clean.

Having your home near industrial production facilities or construction sites will also cause increase build-up of material dust & debris. Homes near these types of facilities means that there will be more airborne materials in the surrounding air. These materials normally consist of soil, road dust, sand, concrete dust, and production site powders & exhaust or smoke. In addition, soot from large diesel trucks can make its way onto your home’s windows. Over time, this will leave your windows in desperate need of a good wipe down.

What's wrong with waiting?

Thirdly and most discrete, sprinkler overspray. Usually at night when sprinklers kick on and do their important jobs we are sleeping and not paying any attention to where the sprinklers are spraying. In fact if you're like me, most people aren't thinking about their sprinklers until there's a dry spot in the grass somewhere. Am I right? 

Sprinklers are the biggest culprit in hard water accumulating on glass especially your basement windows. Even if your sprinklers aren't hitting your windows, we've seen many instances where the next door neighbor's sprinklers reach over and hit.

Hard water is made of calcium phosphate OR calcium sulfate (depending on where your water comes from). Calcium phosphate is acid soluble which means it can be treated with a mild acid (like vinegar) and will usually come right off. Calcium Sulfate is NOT acid soluble which means it will chemically bond to your glass and permanently ruin your glass (called etching). This is also a major problem on shower glass. Worried Bird Window Washing experts can treat both types however, if etching has occurred the window must be refinished or replaced both VERY expensive alternatives.

Why are clean windows important?

Making sure your windows receive the attention they need can even cut back on costs.

Dirt and grime act as natural sunlight filters, dirty windows affects the temperature inside your home.

This leads to a higher electric bill allowing the outside to control the temperature of your home.

The constant build-up of debris & hard water can also scratch the glass or cause etching and thus totally destroy your shower glass, basement windows or any other window.

Clean windows don’t only add a great look to your home, they also add a smile to your face, especially as so much time is spent working from home.

Remember that the timing for every house is different depending on your surroundings. Windows in a home with pets and kids who leave prints will require more attention than someone whose home doesn’t.

Routine, clock-work like maintenance is the easiest, most affordable way to prevent build up, keep family & employees happy & check the chore off your list.

Maintaining The Sparkly Clean Appearance

Whenever you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work, contact a window cleaning expert for the best assessment on your situation.

Remember, you can get an instant estimate on your home or business at Worriedbird.com. Many different subscriptions are available to fit your needs with locally owned & operated franchise experts in your area.

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